PHP Track

Chapter 1: Introducing PHP
Chapter 2: Your First PHP Script
Part II: Learning the Language
Chapter 3: PHP Language Basics
Chapter 4: Decisions and Loops
Chapter 5: Strings
Chapter 6: Arrays
Chapter 7: Functions
Chapter 8: Objects
Chapter 9: Handling HTML Forms with PHP
Chapter 10: Preserving State With Query Strings, Cookies, and Sessions
Chapter 11: Working with Files and Directories
Chapter 12: Introducing Databases and SQL
Chapter 13: Retrieving Data from MySQL with PHP
Chapter 14: Manipulating MySQL Data with PHP
Chapter 15: Making Your Job Easier with PEAR
Chapter 16: PHP and the Outside World
Chapter 17: String Matching with Regular Expressions
Chapter 18: Working with XML
  • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Introduction to what programing languages are
    • The JavaScript Syntax
    • Script tags
    • Intro to built in functions
    • Types in JavaScript
    • Variables in JavaScript
    • Operators (math)
    • Concatenation
  • Control flow and Loops
    • Including External JavaScript files
    • if statements
    • for loops
    • Booleans
  • Functions
    • Review of built in functions: Math, console, alert and prompt
    • Understanding the difference between functions and methods
    • Creating functions
    • Calling functions
    • Understanding and working with parameters and arguments
    • Returning values and storing in variables
    • Calling other functions from within a function
  • Arrays
    • Array syntax
    • Creating and storing arrays
    • Methods on arrays
    • Adding/removing/merging/splitting/sorting arrays
    • Array length and looping through arrays
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