MAP Marketing & Advertising Professional

I. The foundation of marketing
A. Marketing defined
B. The evolution of marketing
C. Marketing strategy and elements of the marketing mix
D. Marketing in the future

II. Environmental forces and marketing ethics
A. Analysis of the marketing environment
B. Elements of the marketing environment
C. Ethics and social responsibility in the marketing environment

III. Strategic marketing planning and forecasting
A. Strategic planning concepts
B. The strategic marketing planning process
C. Sales forecasting
D. Components of a marketing plan

IV. The consumer market
A. Consumer behavior and the marketing mix
B. Consumer decision making
C. Influences on consumer decisions

V. Marketing research and analysis
A. The role of marketing information
B. The marketing research process
C. Researching in international markets
D. The ethics of marketing research

VI. Segmentation, targeting, and positioning
A. Identifying market segments
B. Selecting target segments
C. Positioning
D. Repositioning

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