SEP Sales Executive Professional

Module 1: Introduction to Selling

  • What selling really is? , what it really isn’t?
  • Setting Goals For Learning And Application
  • Full Circle Of The Sales Process
  • Sales Culture And Terminology
  • Questions To Ask Before Selling
  • Questioning techniques / the power of questioning
  • Employ the face-to-face sales process of questioning, closing & handling objections
  • Simulation Activities Based On Participant Experience

Module 2: Professional Sales Skills

  • Seven Principles Of An Effective Sales Person
  • Maintain Focus And Attitude For Win-Win
  • Identify customer needs by reacting as a consultant
  • Discuss Skills Required For Effective Sales Professional
  • Discuss Skills In Continual Development For An Effective Sales Professional
  • Communication Etiquette With Clients
  • Simulation Activities Based On Participant Experience

    Module 3: Handling Clients

  • Prospecting: Pursuit Of Customers And Buying Behavior
  • Sales Calls Etiquette: Preparation To Follow-Up
  • Making Personal Leads Via Networking
  • Proactive Efforts For Your Client Needs
  • Finding Solutions And Anticipating potential Objections
  • Learn to understand the needs and attitudes of different buyer types
  • personality types and dealing with different types of customers
  • Simulation Activities Based On Participant Experience

Module 4: Sales Communication Strategy

  • Become Better listeners
  • Identifying the customer’s emotional hooks
  • Recognize opportunities to add value to the client’s business
  • Handling Objections, Leaving An Impression
  • Offer creative options for buyer’s problems, to add value to buying situations
  • Closing The Sale and Follow Up
  • Use post-sales call measurement to assess their own performance
  • Simulation Activities Based On Participant Experience
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