Electronic Track

microcontroller Basic 36 Hrs

  1. C programming Fundamentals
  2. Difference between microcontroller and microprocessor.
  3. Input & output Configuration for microcontroller.
  4. Led circuits control
  5. Seven segment control.
  6. LCD control.
  7. Serial interface between micro controller and computer.
  8. Analogue to digital control.
  9. Temperature control.
  10.  Keypad control.
  11.  DC Motor directional control.
  12.  DC Motor Speed control.
  13.  Stepper motor control.
  14.  Led matrix control.
  15.  Control of high power and 220 volt circuits with microcontroller.



Industrial PLC Basic Applications 36 Hrs
  • Introduction to PLC Control System
  • Comparison between PLC and other control Systems
  • PLC Basic Components
  • The difference between analog and digital PLCs
  • The difference between compact and modular PLCs
  • PLC hardware configuration
  • How to connect inputs and outputs devices to PLC
  • PLC Software and Programming Languages
  • Introduction to Ladder Diagram
  • Practical Applications using PLC
    • Motor Operation using Two Pushbuttons
    • Forward-Reverse Direction of Motor
    • Start-Stop of Motor using only one Pushbutton
  • Types of PLC Memory
  • PLC Basic Instructions
    • Set and Reset Instructions
    • Positive and Negative edge Transition
    • ON-Delay Timer
    • OFF- Delay Timer
    • Retentive ON-Delay Timer
    • Pulse Timer
    • Retrigger Timer
    • Up Counter
    • Down Counter
    • Up-Down Counter
    • Ring Counter
    • Comparison Instructions
  • Practical Applications using PLC
    • Flicker lamps
    • Operation and control of two conveyers
    • Drilling Machine Project
    • Automatic Escalators Project
    • Production Line Project
    • Mixer Project
    • Automatic Garage Door
    • Sequence of operation of three motors
  • PLC Simulation Program
pcb 20 Hrs
  1. Using proteus software.
  2.  How to make your first circuit with proteus.
  3.  HOW to make your PCB design with proteus.
  4. How to create your library at proteus software.
  5.  Printed your circuit and put it in acid.
  6. Preparing of acid.
  7.  How to use solder iron.
  8. Power circuits.
  9. Signal circuits.
  10.  Difference between types of PCB.
  11. Types of papers.
  12. All process manufacturing (printing, etching, drilling, soldering).
Modern technology in PCB.
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