English Conversation

 تهدف هذه الدورة الى تطوير مهارات الاستماع و التحدث بالانجليزية كما نهدف الى زيادة ثقة المتدرب بنفسه عند التحدث باللغة الانجليزية
nOur Conversation course focuses on improving your English pronunciation and fluency, and our teaching style develops your confidence, taking you ever closer to fluent English!
We deliver real world experience to stimulate and accelerate your learning!
It helps you make the connection between language and real life and it´s a lot of fun!
Learning Methodology
It's simple. We listen to you, get to know you, find out what works for you. It’s based on how you learn it.
It's flexible. Learning English takes time so we let you study when, where and how you like, to fit in with your lifestyle, at times that suit you, without putting your life on hold.
It's effective. Our syllabus reflects how language is naturally learned, introducing grammar and language points right away - you'll be speaking conversational English from day one. By returning to these points as your language skills and vocabulary develops, it reinforces what you've learned.
It's personalized. We treat you as an individual, not just a face in a classroom. We recognize that everyone has different learning abilities and needs, so we start out by finding which pace of study you're happy with.
It's proven. Our methods are designed to train you carefully in the four skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing, while at the same time anticipating and dealing with questions you might have at every stage of the learning process.
It's entertaining. The audio and digital components of our course material are engaging and motivating. The situations are memorable so you'll immediately feel involved. And unlike most academic textbooks, our books are both clear and engaging.
Instructor-Led Training Methodology
Power Up’s Instructor-led training provides you with an interactive and engaging classroom experience blending:
  • Lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Hands-on practice
  • Valuable student and peer interaction
As a classroom student, Power Up gives you access to your own networked environment, giving you professional, hands-on experience.
In particular, teams typically learn more efficiently with instructor-led training. This is because the shared environment allows collaboration and peer support. This team building can provide you and your company with benefits beyond the actual class
Conversation Level 1 36 Hrs
Conversation Level 2 36 Hrs
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