Using Java - for PL/SQL and Database Developers

This Using Java - for PL/SQL and Database Developers training will teach you about Oracle Database programming. Expert instructors use Java with examples and explanations of appropriate use.


  • Describe the course objectives
  • Describe the course prerequisites and suggested prerequisites
  • Describe lesson contents and agenda
  • List the schemas and appendices used in this course
  • Identify the relevant documentation and other resources
  • Describe the Course Technical Environment and data

Introduction to Java

  • Java and OOP Technology
  • Key features of Java

Introduction to JDBC

  • JDBC Architecture
  • JDBC Drivers: Overview
  • JDBC Specification
  • Essential of JDBC Programming

Accessing and Manipulating SQL Data using JDBC

  • Key Metadata in JDBC
  • Manipulating Oracle Data Types with JDBC
  • Accessing and Manipulating LOBs using JDBC
  • Result Set support in JDBC
  • Rowset

JDBC Quality of Services and Best Practices

  • Introduction to Transaction Services
  • Introduction to Security Services
  • Best Practices and tips

Introduction to SQLJ Technology

  • Overview of SQLJ
  • SQLJ Database Access

Universal Connection Pool

  • Introduction to Universal Connection Pool (UCP)
  • Universal Connection Pool for JDBC Overview
  • UCP for JDBC design-time and run-time requirements
  • Basic Connection Steps
  • Packages of the UCP for JDBC API
  • Database Connections

Stored Procedures as Database Programming Model

  • Overview of Stored Procedures
  • Introduction to Java Stored Procedures
  • Advantages of Java Stored Procedures

Oracle JVM

  • Define Oracle JVM and its architecture
  • Using Java in Oracle Database
  • Difference between OracleJVM Architecture and JDK VM Architecture
  • Automated Storage Management with Garbage Collection
  • Dynamic Class Loading
  • Performance Enhancement of Oracle JVM

Developing and Running Java in the Database

  • Creating or Loading Java in the Database
  • Removing Java Sources, Classes and Resources from the Database
  • Setting/Querying Environment Variable and System Properties
  • Java Compiler within the Database
  • Converting Java in the Database into Stored Procedure
  • Invoking Java in the Database
  • Error and Exception Handling
  • Managing Java in the Database