Access 2013 - Part 2

In this course, students learn advanced Access features such as database management, advanced form design, packaging a database, encrypting a database, preparing a database for multi-user access and more.

Lesson 1: Implementing Advanced Form Design

» Add Controls to Forms
» Create Subforms
» Organize Information with Tab Pages
» Enhance Navigation of Forms
» Apply Conditional Formatting

Lesson 2: Using Data Validation

» Field and Record Validation
» Form Validation

Lesson 3: Using Macros to Improve User Interface Design

» Create a Macro
» Restrict Records Using a Condition
» Validate Data Using a Macro
» Automate Data Entry Using a Macro
» Convert a Macro to VBA

Lesson 4: Using Advanced Database Management

» Link Tables to External Data Sources
» Manage a Database
» Determine Object Dependency
» Document a Database
» Analyze the Performance of a Database

Lesson 5: Distributing and Securing a Database

» Splitting a Database for Multiple User Access
» Implement Security
» Set Passwords
» Convert an Access Database to an ACCDE File
» Package a Database with a Digital Signature

Lesson 6: Managing Switchboards

» Create a Database Switchboard
» Modify a Database Switchboard
» Set Startup Options